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standard, COB and side view LED strip
Waterproof neon flex and accessories
CONTROLLERS High quality DMX dimmers and other controllers.
LED drivers and power supplies
Large range of cable available for both power and data requirements.
Large range of connectors for both power and data requirements
DMX testing tools and other useful equipment

optoLED is the leading provider of innovative and high-quality lighting solutions for the entertainment and architectural industries. Our unmatched commitment to quality and reliability makes us the ultimate choice for all your lighting needs, big or small. Trust us to provide you with the most essential and unparalleled lighting solutions that will truly elevate your projects to the next level.


16bit Control

16-bit dimming of LEDs provides exceptionally smooth transitions and precise control over brightness levels, eliminating visible jumps between intensities. This allows for finer gradation and enhanced control making it ideal for theatres, architectural lighting, art installations.

Flicker free dimming

With frequency control from 500Hz to 30KHz you can tune out the flicker associated with PWM LED dimming, a crucial benefit for TV and video production. It ensures continuous, smooth illumination, eliminating the strobe effects that can interfere with camera footage. This results in clearer, more stable footage, enhancing visual quality for both viewers and professional content creators.

High current output

The high current output of 8A per channel allows for the control of more LEDs simultaneously without compromising performance or requiring multiple dimming devices. This capability ensures uniform brightness across extensive installations, making it perfect for large-scale lighting projects, commercial spaces, and outdoor applications where consistent intensity and reliability are paramount.

RDM Control

All optoLED dimmers come with RDM (Remote Device Management) control allowing bidirectional communication between controllers and fixtures. This enables remote configuration, monitoring, and addressing of the device, simplifying setup and diagnostics and reducing the need for manual intervention.


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optoLED is proud to work with some of Australia and the worlds leading theatre productions, television shows, architects and artists.

Our products and service provide the quality and reassurance for even the most demanding of creative projects.


At optoLED our LED strip stand at the pinnacle of quality, offering unparalleled brightness, colour consistency, and durability.

One of the key features that set our standard LED strips apart is the use of a 3oz copper PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This thicker copper layer ensures better electrical conductivity and heat dissipation, allowing the LED chips to perform at their optimal level for longer periods and significantly reduces the risk of voltage drop over long runs, which is crucial for maintaining consistent brightness and colour across the entire length of the strip.

Our commitment to quality is further emphasized through the sourcing of LEDs from single bin batches. This meticulous selection process ensures that all the LEDs on a strip have identical colour temperatures and brightness levels, eliminating the common issue of colour variance along the strip. This is particularly important for applications requiring uniform lighting effects and color consistency, such as in entertainment  and architectural lighting designs, retail displays, and high-end residential lighting.

By combining the enhanced thermal management capabilities of a 3oz copper PCB with the rigorous LED selection from single bin batches, these high-quality LED strips offer superior performance and longevity.

Whether for professional installations or premium home lighting projects, they represent the best in LED technology, ensuring that users enjoy the benefits of efficient, consistent, and reliable lighting solution